6 travel hacks you need to know

travel hacks

1. Pack efficiently

Packing is an exciting but frustrating venture – and over packing is one of the most common travel mistakes. Roll up your clothes inside your bag or suitcase – it’s more space efficient and decreases the chance of wrinkles. You can even roll underwear and socks within your clothes for extra room.

2. Lie about your luggage

We don’t usually encourage telling tales, but if you mark your bags as fragile, even when they’re not, airport staff will take better care of them. They’re also likely to be first off the flight so you’re first out the door.

3. Be an exchange expert

To avoid being ripped off by airport money-changers, buy your currency before you go. Exchanges in airports often charge commission and their rates are generally worse than those online or on the high street. Get more tips on travelling with cash here 

4. Get extra insulation on a budget

When camping in the cold, insulate your sleeping bag with two car windscreen reflectors. Stick them together at the edges and put your sleeping bag inside – they’ll reflect your body heat back onto you. Alternatively, use your backpack as an extra layer to cover your feet and keep in that extra warmth.

5. Tips for Plane Travel

Not all planes provide in-seat televisions. If you don’t want to hold your device for hours on a lengthy flight, make your own in-seat TV by placing your smartphone or tablet in a clear zippered bag. Fold the top of the bag over the edge of your meal tray, flip the tray up, and lock in place with the tray latch. Poke a small hole in the side to connect headphones. If you are looking to get some rest while flying, try playing white noise on your smartphone or MP3 player. Studies show that listening to ambient sounds like rainfall or TV static may promote better sleep.

6. Unusual Travel Aides

Never underestimate the power of duct tape. When traveling, it works great as a lint remover, luggage repair tool, and sink plug. A plastic cereal container makes a great portable trash can, while a shower caddy provides a handy organizer for snacks. If you struggle with motion sickness, try inhaling a little peppermint oil. The natural essential oil reduces nausea and clears the sinuses.

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