An Invitation for Dinner...

As of the end of this month, I will have been in my apartment for 15 years.  I wish I could afford to buy it, but, I have probably paid for it many times over by now.  In any case, it's comfortable.  Today I decided to to some pre-spring cleaning.  You know how that happens -- you start in one little corner, and then all of a sudden the whole place needs to be cleaned.  The moral of the story is, never start in that one little corner.  Anyway, as I was scrubbing out cupboards, I found some vintage dinnerware that my mother had purchased many years ago.  The pattern is Pine Tree by Fine China of Japan.  From what I understand, they were an English company and most of their patterns were traditionally British.  My mother, however, was in love with all things Japanese, and this was her dinnerware.

I remember many wonderful Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and birthday dinners enjoyed with these dishes.  It seems to be such a shame that they have been sitting -- languishing -- on the top shelf of my kitchen cupboard for the past 15 years.  Phinnaeus gave me some exquisite hand-printed Ajrakh serviettes from India for Christmas this year, and they would look spectacular with this china.  And, along with the china, I found some wonderful silver serving dishes and a gravy boat.  How could I have forgotten they were there?

At one time I used to love giving dinner parties and entertaining, but I haven't done any for a long time.  It's about time I started again.  Anyway, I need an excuse to use this beautiful china again.  You're all invited.

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