Best Places to Eat in Paris

Paris city

You cannot articulate or portray Paris in words. The most romantic city in the world, which makes you fall in love with itself whenever you’re here. Paris is the capital city of France and is one of the most internationally visited destinations. It has attractions which are famous all over the world which include one of the wonders i.e. the Eiffel Tower.

The city of love is also called the city of lights. It is also one of the most expensive cities in the world, but never the less Paris has its own charm and hence it is also the most populous city of France.Last Minute deals on flight tickets are readily available to Paris. The city is also famous on the planet for its food. From the most amazing French cuisine to the most expensive restaurants everything is available within the range of your eye sight.

A person who eats well is always happy, and Paris makes sure that people in Paris are always cheerful. In Paris the food and restaurants can be categorized. Let us seek some of the best eats in the city to make you sink in its charm.

Le Grand Vefour

Best Restaurants in Paris:
  • Le Grand Vefour – defined as a gastronomical restaurant, Le Grand Vefour should top the list of your dining itinerary. Guy Martin has prepared this restaurant by putting tradition and modernization in one basket. The restaurant has French delicacies and is also vegetarian friendly. 
  • Le Meurice – The restaurant serves the most delectable classic European cuisine in the city. Le Maurice also ranks in the top 100 restaurants list around the world. Apart from the appetizing cuisine it also serves wine and champagnes which are stored in the cellar leading to the dining area.
  • Le Cinq – in Four Seasons hotel is considered to be one of the most luxurious restaurants in Paris. Apart from the delicious French delicacies they also serve recipes cooked with different techniques. The eatery is also rated with two Michelin stars.
  • Apicius – Chef Jean Pierre Vigato started this restaurant in 2004 in the Schneider Hotel. The restaurant has set a definite benchmark for bourgeois dishes. Apart from the classical savor food this place is also embraced with art works and different sections of dining.
  • Epicure – is a 3 Michelin star restaurant. The recipes are prepared with ongoing fresh season ingredients to make the best classical French Cuisine. The restaurant comprises of two dining rooms – winter and summer, which are used as per the cadence of time.
Le Richer

Best Budget Fit-In Restaurants in Paris:
  • Chartier – with a seating capacity of over 300 people this restaurant is renowned for its classical menu. Chartier attracts the crowd constantly because of its authentic dining room, sociable staff and not so expensive delights. Approximate cost of a three course meal is 20 – 30 $.
  • Boco – is a French word which means ‘Jar’. The restaurant provides the delicacies which are mainly cooked with the organic produce. Most of the dishes are served in recyclable glass jars which signify the name. Approximate cost of a three course meal in $20.
  • Au Duc de Montmorency – is a little spot in the 3rd, famous for its tender cuisine. This bistro serves creative cuisines which include the salad, deserts and chicken of various approaches. Wines are also served from the best ones to the descent everyday sippers. Approximate cost of a three course meal is 15 – 25 $.
  • Le Richer – is a popular bar restaurant. The friendly staff and the pleasantly prepared food is what attract people to this unique place. Along with the mouth watering food a glass of red wine would always be a pleasure. A meal is worth $ 15 approximately (including wine).
  • Polidor – this bistro has a legendary history. These tables were once occupied by Hemingway and Andre Gide. In the posh land it is uncommon to have a descent priced restaurant like Polider is. The cuisine seems to be homemade which brings in more savors to the food. Approximate meal worth $ 15.
French Wines

Paris has a total of over 40,000 restaurants which serves people with quality food, best of places and sociable staff. Affordable flight tickets are available for Paris and one can enjoy the taste of France to the soul in the city. Along with the several types and forms of different foods, Paris also serves you with the famous French Wines. This city never disappoints anyone who is here.
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