Chicago – The City of Global Architecture


My building will be my legacy……they will speak for me after I'm gone. - Julian Morgan
What is more beautiful than standing in a city full of huge buildings and not getting enough of it? So this summer Chicago should be your next destination. Chicago is also known Global Architecture Capital. This Windy City is full of beautiful architecture and is situated on the southwestern shores of Lake Michigan. It may not be as big or glamorous but it has its own charm i.e. its admirable original architecture, world-class museums, parks, food from around the world, and the amazing huge lakefront.
Chicago is officially called the City of Chicago. It is the third most populous city in the US. This city is also an international hub for finance, commerce industry, telecommunication, technology, and transportation. It is one of the top visited cities in the nation. This city attracts tourist in the same way as a moth is attracted to fire. The culture, buildings, beaches, food, etc. make it one of the most visited cities of USA.
The buildings and architecture of Chicago have always reflected the history of American architecture. Chicago is like a laboratory for experimenting and innovating architecture. As it is rightly said every building is art and a story to tell. And, Chicago has many to quench your thirst for those.

So here are the top five reasons to visit this Windy City. 

1. The jaw-dropping architecture of this city. It is like a canvas with a beautiful painting on it which is full of skyscrapers and buildings     along with a silent lake mesmerizing you. The Willis Tower (commonly     referred to by its former name, the Sears Tower) is the tallest     skyscraper in the United States and offers 360-degree views of Chicago from the 103rd floor Sky-deck. Then there is John Hancock Centre which offers an open-air sky-walk and a café on the 94th floor. 
Chicago skyline

2. The Art Institute of Chicago Museum in Grant Park is the largest fine art museum in the country. It is filled with one of the world's largest Impressionist and Post-Impressionist collections, including     over 30 paintings by Claude Monet. The American collection features Edward Hopper's Nighthawks which is one of the best-known American paintings.  
Chicago museum

3. Michigan Avenue is the most popular shopping street. It is also called the Magnificent Mile because it is the most popular stretch just about a mile long. It is most of the shops like Macy's, Nike, the Disney Store and the Apple Store.    

4. Chicago Lakefront is huge like an ocean-front. On a warm sunny day, you can enjoy the lake. You can run, cycle, boat or just walk enjoying the     sun tan. You can rent a bike and ride for miles north from Navy Pier, through Oak Street Beach (stop for a beer and a burger at Castaways at the Boat House), watch some volleyball and enjoy the view of the city.
Michigan Avenue

5. Chicago has a variety of food not only as a gourmet dining epicenter but as the home of several local specialties. For an authentic experience, get a taste of deep-dish pizza, the classic Chicago-style hot dog, and the Italian beef. These foods are like heaven on earth. 
chicago food

So, this summer plan your vacation with faremachine to Chicago and enjoy this Windy City.

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