Downton Abbey ... A Dream Sequence?

For the past three seasons, I have been hooked on Downton Abbey.  The characters have become as familiar to me as my own friends, and I find myself caring about what happens to them.  Upstairs and downstairs, they get themselves into such predicaments, week after week.  Will Anna uncover sufficient evidence to get Bates out of jail?  Will Mrs. O'Brien and Thomas sabotage each other?  Will Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes ever admit their fondness for each other?  And what biting bon mot will Lady Grantham come up with next?

Lady Grantham: 'You are quite wonderful the way you see room for improvement wherever you look. I never knew such reforming zeal.'
Mrs Crawley: 'I take that as a compliment.'
Lady Grantham: 'I must have said it wrong.'

So, when one of the characters meets a final and unalterable end, I am inconsolable.  There will be no 'dream sequences' such as there were in Dallas, in which the entirety of season eight was revealed to have been a dream.  Once the characters in Downton Abbey are gone, they're gone.

Can I stand to watch another season?  I can hardly wait.

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