Explore the laid back Caribbean - Virgin Islands

A place where you never want to settle down, where you would break free from anything which restricts you from being yourself and where you would get a tan of happiness on your shells. This is the Virgin Islands of the United States. Make Alaska Airline reservations and travel to the Caribbean. When you think of the Caribbean, a feeling of amusement and excitement revolves around the soul.

Virgin Islands in the Caribbean are made up of three major islands and other several minor islands. The tidy and sparkling blue water of the island is an everlasting color which would blossom your eye. The US Virgin Islands has two major airports and one can easily obtain cheap flights to the beautiful place. Let us take a tour of the three major Islands which constitute the Virgin as a whole:

St Croix Island

St Croix Island

The largest island in the US Virgin territory is St Croix. The island has a rich architecture. Frederiksted is a major town in St Croix which has beautiful churches and monuments from the 18th century. Apart from the architecture, St Croix has ecological preserves and national parks which are a beautiful attraction beside the sea shore. For a travelling destination, this place would provide you with the best of living experience. Beautiful places to stay, a remarkable history and hundreds of activities to conquer.

Things to do in St. Croix

  • Water Activities – The most attractive activity on an island are the water activities and once you travel to St Croix you’ll get the best experience. Snorkeling on the blue sea bed or swimming with the corals and the fishes under the sea, you would find a lifetime experience. Apart from that Kayaking, sport fishing and other water sport activities are set up to make you fall in the essence of the town.
  • Horseback Riding – Take a tour of St Croix, but the vehicle should be a horse. This is the best part of this precious land. Explore the island on the horse, discover the beaches and hike in the forests. Paul and Jill are famous for their horse and they would make sure you are smiling all day long.
  • Shopping & Eating – Jewels are a famous part of the island. The Crucion Gold and the IB Designs are what is found in the town of Christiansted. Hand crafted jewelry and some unique designs are magical and tempting to buy. Food trucks on this island are again bliss. Mouth watering scrumptious recipes are common on the island along with a drink on the sea shore.
St John Island

St John Island

The natural beauty of the Caribbean lies on this small island of St John. From the breath taking national parks to the dreamy vibrant blue sea, this place is a must wander for everyone who loves the sea shores. Make an Alaska Airline Reservation and travel to this fascinating land.

Things to do in St. John

  • St John Festival – Every year this festival is celebrated in the months of June and July and being a part of this event will make you sink into the culture of the Caribbean. Lively music, delicious cuisine and colorful people dancing their hearts out. This festival will make you live life in a moment.
  • Hawksnest Beach – Is St John’s most beautiful beach. Water activities, picnics and barbecue grilling are the key activities which go in and around this beach. Every time you are here, you would find an activity going in and around the beach.
  • Volunteering – In an organic farm for a day is something which would please you. Indigenous fruits and coconut oil all around, farming is a good experience if you’re looking to gain insights about the city.

    St Thomas Island

    St Thomas Island

    From adventure to peacefully relaxing, this island is known for both styles of living. In St Thomas you would find some of the best beaches in the world. Several forts and historic houses describe the history and traditions of the island. Turquoise blue water and mind boggling panoramic views of the island is a treat to watch.

    Things to do in St. Thomas

    • Hop Beaches – One beautiful island and many gratifying beaches. Pick a day and spend hopping around the beaches of the Island. The most beautiful beaches are the Bongolo Bay, Coki Beach, Hull Bay and Sapphire Beach. Water sporting on these beaches is precious and renowned.
    • Snorkeling – Though the snorkeling activity is carried out in all the parts of the Virgin Island but doing it in Turtle Cove, St Thomas is a different incident. This is special because you would see the Green sea turtles and Hawsbill alongside you taking a tan in the sea. 
    • The Caribbean Style Partying – You are in the Virgin Islands, a place where dancing with a drink on the sea shore with house music is a gem. Hop on to a shack and step into the dance floor with the smiling faces around you.

    There are several other small islands in the Virgin territory but these are the once which compose about three fourth of the whole island. This place is away from the country and the continents. You have the blue patch on the globe and you’re on that patch of happening nature. To get out of a tough life, this is the route.

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