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The mystical and majestic land of Japan is one of the most attractive destinations around the world. Japan is an island nation which is located in the Pacific Ocean. The blue water which surrounds Japan makes this land even more unique and beautiful. Japan is often stated as the land which can always be discovered anytime you’re here, despite being developed and technology driven.

Why a vacation in Japan is an obligation? Let us see what fascinated me to visit Japan:


Shrines & Temples

Shrines and temples are places of worship in Japan. These are the holy lands which are built with gorgeous architecture and piece of art. Japan has copious of it and each and everyone has qualities to be admired. There are different structures and objects which are found inside a shrine or a temple. Torii, Komainu, Stage, Ema, Halls and Bells are present in these divine structures. Osorezan and Todaiji are two of the most beautiful temples across the nation while Inner Shrine and Nachi Taisha are shrines which are well-liked.

Tokyo National Museum

Museums & Historic Sites

Japan’s rich history, modernization and everything which is written in the pages of the past can be witnessed in the museums and ambrosial historic sites. The historic sites include the Castle Town in Hagi which is built with stunning Samurai mansions which are still conserved by the Japanese. Museums in Japan are in abundance. Science, geography, history, ecosystem, aerospace and whatever comes next is secured and maintained by the Japanese. The museums are a way to educate the public about what Japan actually is. Tokyo National Museum and Peace Memorial Museum are a must visit sites on the island.

Mount Mitake

Mountains & Beaches

Cursed by none and loved by all. Mountains and beaches are those natural wonders which are engraved in everyone’s heart. Japan is famous for its beautiful snow-capped mountains and hiking is even more preferred. Mount Fiji is the highest mountain in Japan and each year people from around the world hike on through the mountain. Mount Mitake, Takao and Nikko are some more famous mountains across Japan. Make Alaska airlines reservations and conquer the mountain of Japan.

The entire land of Japan is surrounded by water which has given rise to some of the best nature striking beaches around the world. Okinawa is the most famous beach spot in Japan. The main island of Okinawa has numerous white sand beaches which are calm and peaceful and away from the mob. There are many beaches across the country which makes the entire terrain a gracious beauty. From the overnight parties to calm and peace waves, everything is at one land i.e. Japan.



I am a huge fan of Manga and Anime which is originated from the Japanese culture. They are now widespread and enjoyed in the whole world. Anime festivals are a treat to be a part of. People dress up in their favorite anime character and events go in and around every corner with enthusiasm and zeal. Apart from the Anime Fest there are hundreds of other festivals which are celebrated in the country. Sapporo Snow Festival is yet another beautiful festival which is celebrated by building artifacts and sculptures out of snow. Omizutori, another occasion on the island where there are different service ceremonies of the Buddhist religion held. The festival conducts a fire light up in the balcony of a wooden hall which is eye catching.

Japan is a land of beauty and the land of technology. Tokyo and Kyoto are two major cities which are highly recognized around the globe. Though Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world, living here is happiness in its own kind. The gratifying city is filled with skyscrapers and amusing life which keeps everyone alive and happy. The island shows 

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