London Town

We have had a few foggy days in London town over the past 2 weeks, but there have been beautiful ones as well. We take a coach to Bath tomorrow, and although London has been amazing, I am excited to downsize cities.

There is so much to do in London! It has been a bit of a challenge in fact to manage my time in a way that allows me to do and see everything that seems important. In the end, I decided to focus on enjoying my time here versus feeling pressured to see everything. Not to mention that I do study occasionally, and that takes up some time as well. :o)

One of my favorite things about London is that we were able to unpack our suitcases because we have been living in flats (apartments). There is something about the simple act of hanging up your clothes that makes you feel more at home. Here are some events that I have enjoyed while in London:

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