Nikkei Nine restaurants

Nikkei Nine restaurants

Over the previous decade, Europe has profited from a sushi upset. Lunch choices have been strongly updated and it's acquainted palates with another universe of flavor. Presently, coffee shops are searching for sushi 2.0. Enter Nikkei cooking.

Combining Japanese flavors with those of Peru, Nikkei is sushi's development, and this radiant eatery in Germany's second city is an impeccable case. The room couldn't be sexier on the off chance that it took a stab at: plating sits easily aside dark calfskin, with stealthy bays offering approach to tables ideal for imply contact.

Head culinary specialist Benjamin Dayag adds erotic style to each course that leaves his kitchen. Begin with a fine incarnation of Peruvian striped bass ceviche and tail it with wagyu tartare to take you flawlessly back to Japan. Tempura vegetables accompany the faintest lick of firm hitter, presented with a plunging sauce that sets the freshness of the deliver land. Join Peru and Japan with Koji cod, a close flawless dish flame broiled on the robata and presented with a ginger chimichurri sauce and an insight of sweetness. As globe-jogging eateries go, there are couple of better.

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