The beginning of an adventure

0Hi there friends!

I have a blog post already written that I feel going to hopefully post today, but here are some pictures for now. Ernesto, my host brother, took me personally on an amazing tour of Mazatlan yesterday. I am can't believe that I have been to Mazatlan twice before now and never once went to virtually any of these places. I guess it pays to find out the locals.

This first picture is just one of 3 canyons left over from when the Spanish were in South america. It is extremely old, and situated over a cliff overlooking the ocean.

We walked for the long time along the beach in the historical section of town wherever there are a lot of beautiful lookout areas. At one lookout point, there is usually a floating stairway up to the platform over the ocean where each hour around the hour, a man jumps from the platform in to the ocean. it is quiteam used to. I normally really like thunderstorms, but this was a whole different level of rain, thunder and lightening. About 2 in the morning, I awoke to booming thunder, torrential rain and flashing lightening that was centered right above the house. There was absolutely no time in-between the thunder and lightening- it was centered directly above us. Needless to say, it was quite the event, and actually quite frightening. Due to the storm, however, this morning was much cooler- still hot but definitely bearable.

Ok, moving on. I have to make this quick because I am using my host brother's computer, and I don't want to monopolize it. I didn't expect to have internet access in the house, but Ernesto (my host brother) showed me that if you put the computer in the window of the living room, you can pick up wireless internet for free. It is pretty high tech here in Mazatlan. So anyway, I went to orientation this morning at my language school, and I was really impressed with the people there. I didn't meet any of my teachers, but the women working there were really nice, and it was great to speak English for awhile. It is unbelievable, by the way, how much practice I have had just living with my host family. No one speaks English, so it is a pretty Spanish-intensive environment. :) I can't space out for a minute or I've missed an entire sentence that is crucial to understanding the person speaking. It is really good for me though. I will be a lot better at Spanish after a whole month!

That's it for now friends, I'll write again as soon as I can!

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