The Most Dangerous Man in America

This is the most dangerous man in America.  I hesitate to put his ugly mug on my blog, but you all know who he is.  He's Alex Jones, the head troll of the conspiracy theories, and he's completely deranged.  Frighteningly so.  But the really sad thing is, he has a huge voice, and a following -- mostly impressionable young men -- and some folks believe his paranoid nonsense.  We've all heard his conspiracy theories, so I won't bother to list them here.  All of them are so completely ridiculous, they're laughable.

The latest conspiracy theory, however, makes me physically ill.  The theory is that the mass shootings at Colorado and Connecticut (referred to by the conspiracy theorists as 'the Colorado shooting' and 'the Connecticut shooting') were performed by the same 'actors' and that they really did not happen.  The theory of these disgusting conspiracy theorists is that all of the victims were actors, all of the parents, all of the first responders, teachers, friends and families were all actors, and the shootings were staged so that the American government could take away citizens' guns.

 Alex Jones has shares in tin foil hats.

Some of the children at Sandy Hook were shot 11 times by the shooter, who was using an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.  The AR-15 was first built for the United States armed forces.  Can you imagine what this would do to little six-year-old bodies?  It liquefied them.  Their parents were not allowed to see them to say goodbye.

America is a wonderful country, and I love it.  I have visited New York, California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and even part of Alaska.  America is a country that, because of its wealth and resources, has become the strongest nation in the history of the world.  But it is being hijacked by the nutcases and the lunatic fringe.  Conspiracy theories for the most part are harmless and even humorous.  But a conspiracy theory postulating that the children at Sandy Hook were just actors, is beyond disgusting.  It stretches the boundaries of human decency.

The conspiracy theorists need to shut up, and let those little souls rest in peace.

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