There's an App for that...

After dragging my feet for so long, I have finally joined the 21st century and acquired a cell phone.  Yes, my first cell phone.  Marigold and Phinnaeus came with me to the phone store and were my advisors on what I should get.  To be honest, my head was reeling after listening to the sales clerk's spiel, and I had no idea what I was signing when I signed the contract.  It turns out it's a pretty good deal, all-in-all.  The phone, an iPhone4S, was free.  When I got it home, I proceeded to set up my ten 'favourites', and then gingerly pressed the buttons to see if the phone would work.  It did.  I texted Marigold.  She texted me back.  All right...!  I then texted Phinnaeus.  Within moments I received a reply.  Whoo hooo!  I then ventured into the area called 'Camera' and clicked the button, et voila, there it was -- a perfect photograph of my feet.  One thing I did discover in the phone is an application called FaceTime.  If I use that application when I am phoning someone, they can actually see me.  I must remember never -- ever -- to use that.  No, no, no...

After carrying the phone around with me for a week, I decided to find out what other marvelous 21st century things it could do.  So I ventured into a place called 'AppStore'.  It was like entering a whole new world, one that I had no idea existed.  There is an App for everything.  Being a bit of a news junkie, I have downloaded CBC, CNN,  Global, ABC, CBS and my New Yorker magazine.  I have even downloaded CBC radio, and as I sit here, I am listening to a Mozart piano sonata.  Who knew that world existed.

I mean, who knew...!

In a pinch, I suppose I can even use my new phone to call people.    Is there an App for that?

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