This Theater Is in the Middle of Nowhere

Situate in the shadow of a mountain and settled at a height of more than 2,500 feet above ocean level in the Swiss Alps, the Origen Festival's new performance center is hard to miss.

Tipping the scales at 410 tons to withstand the solid winds and even torrential slides in the mountains, the splendid red of the structure emerges against the common scene of Switzerland. While it was worked during the current year's theater celebration, it's set to stay as an execution space until 2020.

'We thought it's maybe all the more fascinating on the off chance that you don't have a major musical drama house to utilize nature as a major topic,' celebration chief Giovanni Netzer told Travel + Leisure. 'The thought was to join the air in the scene with the execution you do in front of an audience,' he included.

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The Julierpass, where the venue is found, was at one time the site of an old Roman haven, and later a Christian house of prayer.

Nicknamed 'The Red Tower,' the auditorium can suit 250 individuals, with observers set generally in the windows of the execution space.

The priest of culture formally opened the space on July 31, with all exhibitions planned to occur at sunset, taking into account an all the more 'immediate exchange between the exhibitions and the scene,' said an announcement in regards to the venture. The setting sun should supplant the unforgiving light of stage globules, as indicated by a similar discharge.

Ukrainian artful dance star Sergei Polunin (who turned into an easily recognized name after a video of him moving to Hozier's 'Take Me to Church' circulated around the web in 2015) introduced the venue this late spring with another performance execution.

Exhibitions are slated to proceed inside the tower year-round, however the performance center still needs an extra 1 million Swiss francs (roughly $1.03 million) to set it up for the winter.

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