Top 4 Places to Visit in Switzerland

A travelers paradise; Switzerland is often described with such heavenly phrases. Switzerland is a land locked country in the lap of the Alps Mountain Range. It is the home to Europe’s largest glaciers and highest mountains. The country lies in the temperate zone, with Alps on the top, Switzerland is a snow ecstasy. If you are a snow lover, this country is a seventh heaven. Find affordable flight tickets by booking with Alaska airline reservations and reach out to the head of Europe.

Switzerland is a peaceful, prosperous and a stable country. It is also marked as the happiest nation in the world. Over 10 million visitors are attracted by the country annually. Switzerland is also one of the cleanest nations and also holds the longest life expectancy in the world. Swiss cities are beautiful, lush green and chocolate friendly. If we start counting we cannot have an estimate of all the beautiful places around the country. So, let us seek the top 4 cities which are a must visit:



It had to be the first one on the list. The largest city of Switzerland is the home to corporate world, arts and also is a transportation hub. Your arrival in Switzerland would mark a definite arrival in Zurich. The city has everything which a traveler would search for his excursion. Lake Zurich is in the northwest of the Zurich city. The lake is clean and the water is potable. People also arrive for swimming but it only available in late august for this purpose. The lake has unbearable cool temperature for the rest of the months.

Zurich has a rich architecture and history. To gain certain insights there are several museums and art galleries which provide the wholesome information of the country. Alongside, Zurich also hosts the biggest techno street party in Europe at Street Parade.

Must visit places in Zurich:

  • Lake Zurich
  • Museum of Art
  • Swiss Alps Day Trip
  • Uetliberg Mountain
  • Old Town


There is a reason for UNO to put down their headquarters in Geneva. What exactly peace means? A visit to Geneva would precisely answer that question. Geneva is the second biggest city of Switzerland and is also marked as the fourth most expensive city in the world. Geneva is the home to many International Organizations which include UNO, UNHCR, BIT and many more. The precious city of Geneva has a rich history. Galleries, heritage sites and museums depict the strong customs of Geneva.

Lake Geneva is the center of attraction in the city. A long stretch in the northern Alps, the lake is shared by Switzerland and France. Apart from the picturesque view and the beautiful sites, this city is also embraced with several events and festivals. The Geneva Festival is the most widespread event wherein fireworks for long are showcased.

Must Visit Places in Geneva:

  • Lake Geneva
  • Mont Saleve
  • Jet d’Eau
  • Patek Philippe Museum
  • Parc La Grange


Basel is the artistic city of Switzerland. If you’re fond of art then surely this city will be fond of you. Basel is the third largest city of Switzerland located on the border of France and Germany. The city is constructed on the river Rhine which is key mode of transportation for the city.

Basel is a gallery hub. The city is marked with beautiful architecture and art galleries which are the pride and endurance of the city. Affordable flight tickets are readily available for Basel. The Basel Zoo is the most visited attraction in the city. Also, the carnival of the city is a major attraction and is the largest event in the country.

Must Visit Places in Basel:

  • Basel Zoo
  • Rheinfahre
  • Basel Paper Mill Museum
  • Basel Munster
  • Fine Arts Museum


The capital city of Switzerland, Bern is the fifth most populous city in the country. This beautiful land seems to be a fairy tale site. The beautiful city of Bern is renowned for its quality of life. The city has a wealthy history and more importantly Bern is fledged with historical sites and arts of the 15th and 16th century.

Bern is the city of surprises. Every corner has a different story to tell and different experience to share. Get in around the city and find some time to gulp in some native drinks. Fairs, festivals, events run around all through the year. Majestic fountains and beautiful museums make the city even more interesting.

Must Visit Places in Bern:

  • Old Town Bern
  • Gurten
  • Rose Garden
  • Federal Building
  • Clock Tower
The four major cities of Switzerland describe what this country is. The nature is heavenly and the ground is magical. Switzerland is a must travel place which will conquer your travelling desires. Affordable flight tickets to Switzerland are available at any time. FareMachine brings in the best in price flights for your travel needs. Spare time, sign up with us and just fly to this untouched land.

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