Top 5 Unique Hotels around the World

Luxury and comfort go hand in hand. While travelling for a vacation to a land which is yet unexplored in your bucket list you would want a contented stay with luxuries by your side. When you start wandering around the world, you discover an unknown land which makes you feel traumatized by their exquisiteness visual or something which attracts you even more to a certain place. Alaska Airlines reservations are also available to set yourself up for a wondrous vacation.

Today, the hospitality industry has grown way too much and new ways of luxurious life are being implemented, but is there anything unique in there? This planet does have hotels which have their unique identity to standout from the rest. Let us see the most unique top 5 hotels around the world where staying for a night is a must:

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

The first one on the list is the most fantasized dream; living under the water. Who would have ever thought about it? Poseidon Undersea Resorts proposed this idea and started the construction in the Katafanga Island, Fiji for their first project under the sea. This resort gives you all the luxuries which you seek for a solitude living. What could be better than a seafloor structure?

The resort feature 24 big guest rooms and also an underwater restaurant and a bar. It would be delightful to sip in a few drinks observing the sea life. The resort also consists of a spa, luxury suite, a library and an underwater conference room. But the stand out of all is the undersea chapel and yes they take reservations for a wedding.

Price Range: $30,000 per week per couple (Approx)

Golden Crown Levin Iglut, Finland

Golden Crown Levin Iglut, Finland

Living in an Igloo made up of glass. The Golden Crown hotel is unique in its own way. The arctic land of Finland gives you an inimitable space to live inside a glass igloo and when you open your eyes it’s just the fairytale snow land all around you. Golden Crown keeps you in the glory of nature. The northern lights aura is the roof and the white gold is the bed and hence this destination is a dreamy land.

Golden Crown features lavish glass igloos, restaurant aurora sky and events under the sky lights. You can also reserve your space for birthday parties, corporate meetings or any other occasion which you would want to spend in this paradise.

Price Range: $ 700 per day (Approx)

Ascher Cliff, Switzerland

Ascher Cliff, Switzerland

‘Berggasthaus’, this is what the Swiss call it, which means a guesthouse. There is nothing very luxurious about the place, but the room you are staying in will make you skip your heartbeat. On an altitude where you see the sky above you and beneath you is the charm and uniqueness of this resident.

Reaching here is not that easy and so not everyone can enjoy this stay. Trekking from into the forest to the high Alps is the key. The trek is 13 kms which would take an approximate 4.30 hours to be here. The Guesthouse features a restaurant which starts serving at 7 in the morning and waiting for your turn is ordinary. The caves guide you into the cliff and to your rooms. More than luxury this is an adventure.

Price Range: $ 200 per day (Approx)

Kokopelli’s Cave Bed & Breakfast, U.S.A

The Cliffs in the US state of New Mexico is where this distinctive land is. The caves are built into vertical sandstone cliffs and the Kokopelli Cave is 70 feet under the ground and this is where your stay is. Inside a cave beneath the ground, away from the world are the luxurious rooms.

The cave features a 1500 sq meters space, which comprises of a master bed room, living room, dining area. From some part of the cave you can view the La Plata river valley. The most exciting thing about the cave is; it can only be booked for 1 family at a time. If you are willing to book this unique land ensure that you do it months before or else you would never have a chance. Alaska Airlines reservation would take you here. Book now!

Prince Range: $ 300 per night per person (Approx)

The Oberoi, India

The Oberoi, India

The majestic city of Udaipur in the royal state, Rajasthan lays the magical, imperial and grandiose ‘The Oberoi’. The most unusual and unique thing about the palace is the over luxurious nature. From the swimming pools to the rooms, architecture to gardens, food to water everything gives out a glance of a luxurious life. Staying here is like living a life of a king and a queen.

The Palace features 87 rooms and suites, courtyards, fountains, reflecting swimming pools and domed pavilions. Just outside the palace is the lake Pichola which gives a stunning picturesque view of the palace. Staying here is not dream, it is an obligation. Following the footsteps of the Indian history, this place would make you sink into its charm.

Price Range: $ 400 per night (Approx)

There are over 18 million hotels around the world and to make them unique is an art. These are some of the most unique hotels in their own kind from around the world. FareMachine allows you to discover all these places and we ensure to book cheap flight tickets to anywhere you want to travel.

Experience in life is the foremost learning and rest is all naïve. Fly high and experience the unique side of the globe.

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