Tropical Times


Well I have just enough time for a few updates.

First off, Gitta is here! She arrived on Thursday, and has quickly adapted to the Mexican way of life. :) I am so impressed by her ability to pick up languages. She was already conjugating verbs during her very first class session, and she has never had a Spanish class before! We have been having a ton of fun seeing our friends, and spending time with our host family. It is nice to have her here.

Another interesting tidbit is that I am officially an illegal alien in Mexico as of today. The director of our school suggested that we check our documents to see how many days they gave us to be in the country, and it turns out that my time is technically up. I was only given 18 days and today is day number 19. Whoops! I should be fine, however. I am planning to make a trip to the U.S. consulate tomorrow to get it straightened out. If I don't make it back to the States, however, please divide my things equally amongst yourselves. :) I've had a good life.

Ok, in other news, school was cancelled for tomorrow because we have a tropical storm headed our way. Hurricane Henrietta hit Cabo today, and we should be getting some of the wind and rain tomorrow. No one seems to be expecting a hurricane, but technically anything could happen, so people are preparing for the worst just in case.

Overall, I am having a great time, speaking a ton of Spanish, and trying to avoid sunburns.

Love to all,

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