Visiting Venice on a Budget


“If I were not king of France, I would choose to be a citizen of Venice” – Henry III
A paradise in Italy floating on rivers and canals is a definite check point on everybody’s bucket list. Venice is situated across a group of 118 islands which are linked with canals and bridges. Visiting Venice is a treat. The city ensures that the visitors are never disheartened by its glory and magnificence. The bird eye view of the city is mesmerizing as it seems to be a saffron architecture standing on the blue waters.

Every year Venice attracts to over 30 million tourists which is nearly about 60,000 visitors on a daily basis. Travelling to Venice is effortless. Flight tickets are readily available from any part of the world. If it is your lucky day, you might be able to grab last minute cheap flights. Venice experiences warm summers and cool winters which makes the city suitable for a visit throughout the year.
Commuting in Venice is more like an adventure. The chief mode of travelling within the city is either walking or through the waterways. Walking in Venice has its own charm and flavor. Walking on a mid strap where one of the sides is water and the other side is the beautiful Italian architecture. In the lagoon area, waterbuses are the main source of commuting. These waterbuses have regular routes to the city islands through the Grand Canal. While you are here, a must experience in the city is wandering in the Gondola. Gondola is the native boat of Venice which takes you around the city through the waters. It would cost around 80 Euros for a 30 minute ride with a maximum intake of 6 people. Other modes of commuting are the water taxis and the traghetto which are fairly cheaper than the Gondola. In the Mainland the city has trams system and regular route bus system for daily commuting.

 San Marco Square

Venice is praised for its bravura architecture. The city embraces a being with eye catching Gothic architecture. Some of the Venetian designs are over 500 years old and still standing tall with pride and honor. Piazza San Marco, a priceless spot of picturesque Venice. This great square is the center point between the cities major three attractions. Basilica di San Marco on one side is the main attraction of Venice. Every day the church is filled with the worshippers and more than them the people who came in to admire the beauty of this artistic heritage. The Doge’s Palace on the other side is the home to city’s supreme authority. Built in the 14th century this palace has a rich architecture and arts. It endows the 1000 years history of Italy with masterpieces from Tintoretto and Titian. Torre dell’Orologio, a clock tower on one end of the San Marco Square is yet another creative and arty design of the venetians. Italy is always considered for their architecture. You can find an eye opener at every corner of the city. Palazzo Ducale, San Giorgio Maggiore and Santa Maria Della Salute are some more prodigious sites which are a must visit

Affordable flight tickets are available for Venice throughout the year, so planning months before is not mandatory. Spare a few days from work and fly to this haven of beauty and adventure. Venice also has its own native cuisine which is the seafood. It has varieties which are difficult to find anywhere else on the globe and even if you find out a few, the aromas would not be Venetian. Moleche, a recipe prepared with the green species crabs is a native Venetian food. Grab a chair in any restaurant and fulfill your desires to consume one of the best seafood recipes. Sardine, goby and cuttlefish are the most common Venetian fishes which you’ll be able to find in every corner of the city. Apart from the specialty in seafood, Venice also incorporates the traditional Italian delicacies. Lasagna, pasta and pizza are some everlasting delicious recipes originated from Italy.

Venice street

Walking on the streets for hours is an obligation in Venice. The city becomes majestic when you start walking on the pleasant streets. Through the passage of beautiful architecture and scenes, Venice is just one of its kind. While you are wandering around the city, you have the option to shop and yes it’s Italy, the designer hub of the world. Look around for your favorite designer and gift yourself an expensive new look. Another option which is also mandatory is a waterside bar break. Walking beside the water would also give you an opportunity to try a beautiful and pleasant bar on water. Sit around enjoying the pictorial scenes of the city with one hand on wine that Italy produces. The Spritz, which is the native white wine and the Ombra which is again a usual breakfast wine for the locals. You can skip anything in the city but walking blindly without a map should be the foremost point of your itinerary.

The City of Venice is the heart of Europe. Travel cheap and spend more on the destination. A bit of smart thinking and you’ll conquer Venice in less than 100$ a day. Flying to Venice would be an easy and cheap task. FareMachine helps you find out the best in cheap flights and also gives you offers and discounts on last minute cheap flights. All you have to do is pack up your bags and be all set to free yourself in the charming city. Venice in itself is a festival, and being here is a celebration. Head out and burn Venice from your travel bucket list.

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